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Our Story

Jacobs Gestures is more than just an idea . It is a grand vision to help many thousands  of families across the country. 

For close to a decade I have been working with bamboo of all colors, shapes, and sizes. It started off as a hobby making candles, vases, cups, etc. I showed my work to my friends and immediately sold everything I had. I did this over and over , each time selling everything I made. Eventually This became the norm for me. It was a part-time money maker. I knew it could be a really fun and profitable full time job making stuff out of bamboo, and I felt it help great potential. So, I decided to go into business for myself.Over the coarse of 9 years We went from one man in his back yard to a company employing 7 loyal, dedicated employees.

Without a doubt, I am 100% confident in saying that we offer the most beautiful bamboo products on the market.This is a must because this business and my success is dedicated to my nephew, Jacob. At just under 2 years old he was diagnosed with t-cell leukemia. It was absolutely devastating. As a family, we saw what diseases like cancer can do to a child and their families. Throughout Jacobs 10 months battle with cancer we were hit with more sadness and turmoil than any family should have to endure. The medical bills kept coming and sacrifices had to continuously be made. My brother lost his house, financial security, at times, his faith, and eventually his son. 

We never want anyone to have to endure the pain our family did. So, to do our part to help families affected by childhood diseases and all that's associated with them, we dedicate this company to my nephew, Jacob and vow to donate 10% of our profits to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. They have been in the business of finding cures for diseases for over 55 years. That type of reputation deserves our attention. We want to do our part too. 

Unlike any other hospital, the majority of their funding comes from individual contributions. And thanks to generous donors, families never receive a bill from St. Jude.

Why support St. Jude

We love what we do and dedicate this company to you.